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آن لائن ویڈیو کے زریعے ڈاکٹر سے مشورہ کریں

رجسٹر کریں، ڈاکٹر اور ٹائم سلیکٹ کریں، فیس ادا کریں اور ڈاکٹر کو آن لائن دیکھیں

Get Access to Therapist when you need it

Consult a psychiatrist / clinical psychologist from the privacy of your home


How does a video consultation with my doctor work?

Whether you are a busy homemaker or a business executive, a highly trained and experienced doctor will be able to see you in real time via secure video through your personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. If needed, the doctor will also write your prescription online.

How It Works

What can be treated via video consultations?

When it comes to your mental health and physical well-being, doctors and therapists at SehatYab are here to help. Whether the pressures of day-to-day life are getting to you, you’re feeling stresses or depressed or if you are concerned about your diet, skin or general health, you can see a doctor online at your convenience.

About our doctors

At SehatYab, all of our doctors are experienced professionals. We apply stringent telemedicine quality standards of the American Telemedicine Association and use the latest best-in-class technology to offer you one-on-one consultations with highly qualified PMDC registered doctors.

Our Doctors