Whether you are a busy homemaker or a business executive, a highly trained and experienced doctor will be able to see you in real time via secure video through your PC or laptop.

  • No traffic jams, waiting at the clinic and exposure to other sick patients
  • Multiple Qualified doctors to choose from
  • Multi-disciplinary medical care possible if needed.
  • Saves time and money

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You are looking at the next generation of healthcare for your employees. Your staff will be able to see a highly qualified doctor or specialist right from their office via secure video through their personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • We cater to corporate sector by offering tailor made health plans covering consultations and referrals to other specialists resulting in lower absenteeism, lost hours as well as cost savings.
  • Our monthly billing cycle, with complete transparency and analysis enables our clients to better manage corporate healthcare coverage and costs
  • For our clients with remote industrial sites or large corporate offices, we can setup a telehealth center within your premises where a trained clinician will assess patients through digital medical devices and facilitate online video consultations
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Insurance Providers

We offer convenient and affordable OPD services to your clients. We help you manage the claim / loss ratio through:

  • Pre-screening patients and referring them to the appropriate facilities thus ensuring effective utilization.
  • Telemedicine can help shorten the average inpatient length of stay, as well as provides confidence to the discharged patients.
  • Re-addmission rate and related cost can be significantly saved for payor and hospital alike.

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Private Practice / Doctors

We offer you a unique opportunity to develop your private consulting practice in a flexible, safe and convenient way thus channelling more patients through your able advice.

  • Take advantage of our advertising and access a large catchment area
  • No hassle in setting up physical clinics
  • Technology will help you save time to create a work-life balance.
  • Secured and professional financial management
  • Options for Professional indemnity insurance.

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